Professional Business Fraternity
Eta Tau Chapter | McNeese State University 

Individual Scholarships

Eta Tau Chapter Scholarship

We request professors of the College of Business at McNeese State University to nominate there best student and to tell us why they are so great. With that we request their GPA and their current grades in their business courses. At the end of the academic year we reward a student $250.00. 

Scholarship Key Award 

The Fraternity has awarded a Scholarship Key to the graduating student with the highest cumulative academic average in business administration or economics, regardless of affiliation with Delta Sigma Pi.  In cases where two students tie for best academic average, the Foundation provides a second Scholarship Key.

Chapter Scholarships

"Where Leadership Begin" Fund- Micheal R. Mallonee

This fund will provide travel scholarships to undergraduate chapters located in the South Central Province that meet the following requirements:

  • In Good Standing
  • At Least one member of the chapter attend Fall LEAD School 

For more information, contact or 513-523-1907.

Frank M. Busch (Victor A. Tabor) Scholarship- Gulf South Region 

  • Application Requirements Descriptions: 
    • Community & Campus Involvement 
    • Financial Need 
    • Fraternal Involvement 
    • Member in Good Standing 
  • Letters of Recommendation By: 
    • Brother of Delta Sigma Pi
    • Faculty/ Staff of College or University  
    • Community Leader 
  • Transcripts: 
    • Needed by Request of the Leadershiip Foundation 

Any chapter within these regions with at least eight (8) collegiate members who annually attend a National Fraternity sponsored educational event (LEAD) and have at least four (4) collegiate members attend Grand Chapter Congress will receive an equal allocation of monies. 

For more information, contact or 513-523-1907.